Dog Walking

Walking, as simple as it seems, is very important to your dog’s health, attitude and overall behavior. I have had years of experience with my own animals as well as many others. These experiences have allowed me to come into contact with many different animals with different personalities. I know how to handle any dog walking scenario that comes my way. Some advantages of my services for your pet includes:

• Regular exercise to ensure good mental and physical health
• Activities that will tire your dog and therefore decrease their negative behavior
• Increase muscle tone and decreases chance of become overweight
• Playing with other dogs with help with socialization and adjustment
• Daily mid-day visits for puppies helps maintain a consistent housebreaking schedule
• Elderly dogs bathrooms needs are increased and need to be let out often
• Crate trained puppies need to get out more frequently
• Providing constant practice for using commands such as “heel”, “sit”, “stay”, and “come”

There are also benefits of dog walking for the pet’s owner. You will feel less guilty about being away, knowing that they are not stuck in a crate all day. Your dog’s behavior and obedience will increase which lowers the stresses involved in having a defiant pet. Ultimately my goal is to keep your dog healthy, happy and satisfied; a daily walk helps me to do just that!

Professional Dog Walker serving the Lakeland FL area